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Sheikh Mohamed Hassan Ould Alddo
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   On its fifth day: the president of the court prepares torture as legitimate
On its fifth day: the president of the court prepares torture as legitimate Such as the day before the trial Captain pilot Ould Sadbouh and captain pilot Mahfouz Ben Sayed Amhamed. Both defendants were confirmed before the court and the public as they spoke With confidence and pride and without shame that they were subjected to various forms of torture and physical humiliation And that their appearance before the examining magistrate was in a deplorable state They did not see him, because their heads were covered at the time of appearance They had only very short trousers and no shoes, and they came with arms and arms Oriented to their backs
    The platform is a block of honor and ridicules the attempts of the regime to prevent the truth
stated principles of freedom of expression, and on the political line it has devised for itself, under which it undertakes a relentless peaceful struggle to liberate Mauritania from the tyrannical regime of oppression, declares its strong condemnation of this new repressive step, The expression that characterizes this tyrannical regime - its solidarity with the affected Mauritanian sites, which we regard as "the veil of the regime" - has an honor and a national guide and a sincere dedication to be proud of it - his assertion that this step will not succeed in withholding his message from the proud Mauritanian people. It was possible to withhold the information about the citizens and I am not sorry for him, and the regime will discover in the coming days - God willing - that the message of reform will find its way to the Mauritanian reader, perhaps in a broader and more modern technology
    When the Ta'i is fed by Madr
It is really an insulting life in which Ould Hanadi and his readers accuse Mauritanian flags of absurd charges like those in the "lawsuit". If I did not want to give this "evil quartet" value, I would give details of some of their ethical and professional scandals that regret them the day they agreed But I know that it achieves a great goal for them, that they become "something mentioned" as they entered the history of the colonel's system from the same door.Trusted Brokers List - https://trustedbrokerslist.com/binary-options-brokers-with-lowest-minimum-deposit/ In the model of the "shaky minister", an example of the danger of the "fallen" They become something mentioned by climbing on adults.

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